Turn to our shop serving Belgrade & Bozeman, MT for transmission repairs

Make Sure Your Engine Runs Efficiently

When you need engine work or transmission repairs, make sure you go to a reputable auto shop. Lyon Customs can take care of any repairs you might need. We'll check out your transmission and see what we can do to make it work better.

You might need transmission repairs or a replacement if you notice:

A burning smell | Gears slipping | Leaking fluid | Grinding or shaking

Call our shop that serves Belgrade & Bozeman, MT to ask about the transmission repairs we do.

Modify your engine by bringing your car to a mechanic

If there are changes you want to make to your engine, let us know. We can take care of a wide variety of engine modifications. While we don't do complete rebuilds, we can install custom-built engines that provide the power you need.

Contact us today to learn more about the engine modifications we offer to residents of Belgrade & Bozeman, MT.